AC Repair

Air Conditioner Repair UAE

As a result of the rise in temperature, the air conditioner has become a basic necessity of every household in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. But, this also calls for the need for proper maintenance of AC units as well. Yes We Repair takes pride in being the best AC maintenance and repair service in Abu Dhabi. Our team of highly qualified engineers have extensive knowledge and experience required to solve and repair any kind of AC issues.

With the increase in the number of AC users, the prices for repair and maintenance services are rising too. But, we provide budget-friendly services for any kind of AC emergency such as:

  • Gas Refilling
  • Water leakage
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Noise Problem
  • Damaged Cooling Coil
  • Piping Issue
  • Foul Smell

Our expert workmen are masters in tackling and handling these common problem related to AC units very well.

Apart from emergency services we provide regular maintenance services on an annual or monthly basis for all types of AC units, like:

  • Split AC
  • Window AC
  • Cassette AC

Following are some common services for AC units that we are famous for:

  • Installation and Uninstallation of an AC unit: It is always better to hire a professional technician for the process of installing or re-installing your AC. Similarly, the uninstallation process requires careful detachment of the unit too. So, don’t hesitate to call us and hire our specialists to serve you.
  • Clearing or Changing the Air Filters: The blockage in the filters results in insufficient cooling and can give rise to many other issues as well. Our experts not only clean and change it but they also provide you with detailed instructions on how you can do it yourself in case of an emergency.
  • Replacing or Checking Wiring and Component: To ensure a proper connection the professionals are trained specifically to fix these issues without causing further damage.

Our engineers specialise in dealing with not just the aforementioned issues but have years of experience in fixing other related issues too such as:

  • Drainage Difficulties
  • Coil Replacement
  • Compressor Problems
  • Refrigerant Leaks

Check our website and call us now to find out more about our services. Our cordial staff co-operates with you for providing you with all the information you need.