Washing Machine Service Dubai

Washing Machine Repair Service Dubai

Washing Machines are one of those regularly used home appliances that undergo rigorous wear and tear. To the extent that every household is dependent on it, it becomes extremely important to fix an out-of-order or malfunctioning washing machine as soon as possible. Which is why Yes We Repair offers on-demand quality repair services for any model of a washing machine in Dubai International City and the adjoining locations.

Our team of experts cater to the various issues and problems faced by our customers. We offer convenient and time-saving solutions for repairing or servicing washing machines of different structures such as:

  • Top-Load
  • Front-Load
  • Automatic
  • Semi-Automatic

Our experienced technicians are fully qualified and professionally trained to look after the models and makes from various brands like:

  • Samsung
  • Bosch
  • LG
  • Siemens
  • Whirlpool
  • Westpoint

We understand the trouble of taking your infected appliance to the workshop which why we offer the at-home service. You just need to reach out to us and we can pick-up your appliance, work on it in our workshop and deliver it back to your house.

Some common washing machine problems that we are famous to fix are:

  • When the machine doesn’t start: If a machine won’t start because of a problem in the machine unit you must take the help of a repair agent.
  • Washing machine making more noise than usual: If it’s not because of coins or keys that you may have mistakenly dropped in with your laundry then the reason might be the loose of worn-out bearings in the system. You must seek the help of a professional serviceman to fix this.
  • Drainage Issues: If the machine doesn’t drain properly or makes loud noises while doing so.
  • Filling-up Problems: When the machine overfills or underfills itself due to a faulty pressure switch.

Apart from these, there are many other tricky issues as well that require the help of professionals. And luckily our more than 10 years of experience has made us masters of tackling any issue at hand.

Our team of professionals strive hard to maintain our reputation, five-star rating and most importantly the faith of our clients. You can call us on +971(56)2019845 to avail the best offers according to your requirements for a washing machine repair service in Dubai.